Kids football training drills U9, U10

football training session title Pass and move triangles
football training suitable for Kids football - U9, U10
football coaching aim 1 Pass and move in to space
football coaching aim 2 Accurate passing
football coaching aim 3 Communication
football training for 40 minutes
football training area 10 x 10 yards
football equipment Balls, cones and goals

football training instructions:

This pass and move football training drill is a good practice for getting players in the habit of finding space to receive the ball. It’s suitable for kids football, youth football and senior team players.

Split your players in to teams of 4, each in a football training area of 10 x 10 yards with 3 players in adjacent corners (the attackers - shown below) and a passive defender (in red) in the area. The defender should look to defend the area in highlighted in grey.

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The idea is not to leave an empty position left or right of the player with the ball (ie – there should always be support and options for them to pass to). So in the example above, the player in position 1 plays the ball to the player in position 2. That means that the player in position 4 has to make a run to position 3 in order to be in a good space to receive the ball.

If the player in position 2 then passes it to the player in position 3 (below) then the player in position 1 has to run to position 4.

Another way to look at it is is that there should never be a player diagonally opposite to the player with the ball (because there is likely to be a defender between them and the ball).

football training drills U9,U10

football training progressions

  • Allow defender to tackle
  • Limit the touches the attackers can make, progressing down to one touch (depending on the ability of the players)
  • Small sided match (4 v 4 or 5 v 5). Award extra points for goals scored with this kind of movement in the build up
  • Remove the restrictions of being on a cone and have the players play freely in the area recreating the same principle

football coaching tips

  • Players need to be alert and ready to move quickly depending on where the ball is played
  • Have players sprint in to space not jog
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