Kids soccer / football training drills - Under 9 - U9, Under 10 - U10

Coaching kids football / kids soccer at Under 9 and Under 10 becomes more constructive, and dare it be said, easier! Players should have developed a basic understanding of the game and gained basic soccer / football technique.

The kids soccer training / football training sessions can be more progressive with the players capable of increased decision making, reflected in the step-up to 6 v 6 or 7 v 7 matches.

Player characteristics include:

Awareness - Children playing football / soccer at this age begin to understand better their roles and responsibilities on the pitch. They are more aware of others and begin to realise the benefits of finding space to receive a pass.

Attention span - Slowly, your players will be more interested to what you have to say than picking worms and flicking mud. Keep their attention by encouraging questions and involving them in demonstrations.

Learning - Kids are more receptive to outside influences at this age (U9, U10) so don't be surprised if they turn up to soccer training / football training with a trick or two they've learnt by watching a game on TV. Coaching of soccer skills / football skills and ball control in a soccer training / football training session limited by time is difficult so consider setting your junior fc players football homework to work on their ball control and soccer skills / football skills. Football schools in the half terms breaks are also a good way to accelerate the kids soccer skills / football skills.

Enthusiasm - By now your players will have the soccer / football bug and dream about being the best in the world. Encourage that enthusiasm and ambition. You'll notice also players start to become more competitive, which, if steered in to a team effort, is no bad thing but coaching for football / soccer success with too much emphasis on winning at this stage is too early.

Soccer coaching / football coaching associations can be a good resource of soccer training / football training information and managers who have taken their level 1 coaching football certificate may consider soon progressing to their level 2 coaching football badge to keep pace with their kids soccer / kids football development!

Check-out our Soccer Training / Football Training Centre for kids soccer training drills / football training drills for under 9 football and under 10 soccer / football teams.

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