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Football / Soccer drill: Counter attacking football

This soccer drill is a great exercise for your team to develop quick counter-attcking  soccer.  The drill is fast moving, develops good quick first time passing and progresses in to a shooting exercise before finishing with a small sided game.

The soccer drill is adaptable for adults, youth and kids soccer training (U9 upwards).

Coaching notes for this soccer drill:

1) Adapt the size of the area to suit your squads age / ability and match players abilities when working in small groups.  Both will aid the technical outcome of the drill.

2) Drill should be preceded by a passing warm-up exercise, refer to the Training Centre for warm-up drills.

3) The drill should be played with high energy and fast tempo to simulate counter-attack movement.

4) Encourage players to take limited touches when passing and shooting (the more touches they take, the slower the attack and more chance for defenders to prevent the shot).

5) In phase 2, after shot, two attackers become defenders and the two defenders make way up to end zone to become attackers.  Defenders should only pressurise first, progressing to tackling after 5 - 10 mins.

6) In the small sided game, only allow goals with structured patterns of play in the build up, the same or similar to those worked on in this drill.

7) Always ensure there is a supply of balls around training area to keep the session flowing.

8) Finish the soccer drill with a small sided match focussing on the key factors of your training session.

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Soccer drill for Kids soccer, Youth soccer, Adult soccer,
U9 soccer, U10 soccer, U11 soccer, U12 soccer, U13 soccer, U14 soccer, U15 soccer, U16 soccer, Adult soccer
Soccer coaching aim 1 Develop quick first time passing to build attack
Soccer coaching aim 2 Encourage movement off the ball to provide support going forwards
Soccer drill for 40 minutes
Soccer equipment Balls, Football training bibs, Cones, Goals


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