Bring you ideas to life with Tactx, the revolutionary coaching software from UEFA Training Ground

TactX is a revolutionary new football animation software application from UEFA Training Ground. It’s simple to use and it allows you to demonstrate your coaching drills, tactics and analysis using instant 3D animated graphics.

Register for free with CYPF and UEFA will fully support the cost of your subscription to TactX until August 2013. That means you can create 3D drills, exercises and game situations and share them with your players at no cost.

Features include:

  • Simple and logical instruction means that the initial drawings are quick and easy to make and one button initiates 3D movement.
  • Everything can be saved, edited, altered and even shared with other TactX users.
  • Pitch options - Full pitch, part pitch or custom area
  • Player options – Blue, red, white, yellow or green and referee option in black or yellow
  • Directional control using simple arrow on player
  • 2D and 3D imaging
  • Player kit options – Balls, markers, cones, flags, goals and mini-goals
  • Functions to play, rewind, fast forward
  • Movement options – Running, dribbling, slalom, passing, shooting
  • Control of speed
  • Player numbering
  • Annotation
  • Automatic playback
  • 3D playback – camera viewpoints
  • Users can print, present and even build up their TactX Workbook with complementary pieces such as photography, video or audio.

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